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With all exercise dieting and workout routine u may not get your required results so instead of getting disappoinment use the best product for reducing weight that i also used. I will inform u about all its side effects its use and all so by understanding this product u can use it if u found it safe.


The product i use for slimming is ” ULTRA SLIM” BY the vitamin company.

Ultra slimHOW TO USE:

You have to take 1 or 2 tablets daily 15 mins before meal with 2-3 glass of water or a glass of milk.


It lower the risk of breast cancer, increase infertility, cure kidney n liver problems, prevent heart disease, reduce obesity, reduce hunger.


This medicine contain such ingredients which cause high blood pressure, headace, constipation n chest pain.

Why you should use “ULTRA SLIM”:
  • Natural and Economical weight reduction option
  • All Natural and without any side effect
  • No physical/psychological addiction
  • Boosts energy level ….No physical weakness in body
  • Superior quality brand most commonly used worldwide and Made in U.S.A under highest quality standards


Green tea 15% Polyphenols, Garcinia Cambogia 55%, Citrus Aurantium 6% Extract,
Chromium (Picolinate) 12%, Guarana, Oat Bran (Avena Sativa) – Rice Bran, Psyllium Husk, Glucomannan, Cascara Sagrada (Rhamnus Purshiana), Apple Pectin, Bromalain, L-Acidophilus, Vanadium (AAC), Guar Gum
Lipotropic Agents:
L-Carnitine, Choline Bitartrate, Inositol

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xercise for U

All of us don’t have same body shape. We all gain fats on different areas of our body some on abdomen, some on buttocks and some on shoulders that’s all due to your body shape. Before selecting an exercise for yourself you need to know your body shape and that’s so easy to do just take your measurements and then have a look on them so u can determine your body shape with help of following information.

  • Hourglass: If your breast n your hips are of same measurement then you are one of the 8% lucky people in this world who have hourglass figure.
  • Apple shape: If your waist measure more than or almost same as your breast n hips than you are apple shape. These type of body shape is more common in men as they gain more fats on their belly.
  • Pear shape: If your hips measure more than your breast than you are pear shape. This shape transmit more fats to your lower body and also the most difficult to reduce fats.
  • Ruler shape: If your body measurements are almost all same then you are ruler shape. These people are mostly the skinny ones and have great metabolism and don’t gain so much but if they gain it is equally distributed on entire body.
  • Invert triangle: This is opposite to pear shape, this shape Gives you athletic look it means you gain more on your upper body Your shoulder area or around your chest.

These are the basic body shapes you can easily determine your body shape n then can choose from the exercises i m giving you below to reduce and gain perfect figure with your own body shape. As i am pear shape and i worked a lot on my lower body to get a perfect figure these are the exercises i use along with my exercise routine to get quick results. These will work on your buttocks, legs, thighs and gluts.

Now for your abdominal muscles to get in proper shape.

and following will work on your arms n shoulders and chest area.

If you want to reduce the entire body fats then you can do them all together.Start with 10 repetitions one set after a week start 10 rep 2 sets after 4-5 days increase it to 3 sets of 10 rep. Keep on fluctuating the rep and sets so that your exercise remain effective and your body don’t get use to it otherwise the outcome will be slow.After 3 weeks when you will be on 10 rep 3 sets then reduce your sets to two or one or even increase them on alternative weeks or days. By working this way i ensure you awesome results within one month.

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Dietary Receipes

Along with your exercising routine you also need to have a check on your daily intake. We can,t be on diet all day long through out the week in whole of our life ITS IMPOSSIBLE, So instead of emphasizing on whats impossible we should work on what we can do. There is  a recipe or you can say a trick to improve your metabolism and to reduce your appetite. This will really help you to get in shape and reduce weight. It is specially meant for those who want flat belly and well-toned body.

For this you will need

  • 2 liters of water say 8 1/2 glass
  • 1 tsp freshly grated ginger
  • 1 medium cucumber peeled and sliced thinly
  • 1 medium lemon sliced thinly
  • 12 spearmint leaves

Every nite you need to put these all ingredients in a water bottle or water container and place it in refrigerator. Next day in morning get this mixture out drain the water and drink this water through out the day. It will not only fulfill you water requirement but will also reduce your weight and you can see a great change in your body measurements with its use even after a week or two. It is my daily routine to start my day with this water and end my day mixing these things again for next day. It also keep my skin flawless and fresh i feel great with its use. You also


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Exercise routine

Doing exercise is a bit boring thing to stay stick with. But if you are interested in dancing and music you can make it a fun for yourself as i do. I use to do cardio dancing exercises that are fun for me and attract me to get regular with these exercises. Not only this these exercises also give a rapid and noticeable change in my figure that i get more desperate for a perfect figure and stay stick with these moves and my fitness routine. I am sharing all these videos with you in same sequence i follow them daily. First you have to work same as in videos for one week after that you have to start increasing your repetitions and your time of exercising after doing all these i use to dance on my favorite music for 10-15 min to work more on my muscles and burn more fats.

One more important thing you may be not aware of is that if you concentrate on building your muscles you will start burning fats. As muscles build they start burning your fats even at that time when you are resting, eating, sleeping, or doing anything. Building muscles are the fastest way to burn your fats. All the exercises that make you feel stress in your muscles are the real working exercises that are all time burning your fats. Simple if you do 10 push ups a day all day long you keep burning your fats.

Same is the case with cardio exercises these exercises increase your heart beat and flow of blood in your all over body that warm your body and you start burning fats cardio exercises include dancing, walking, going up stairs, running and all those which increase your pulse rate. You can now select any one which is of your interest if you are fond of walking start doing this regularly if you love to run or dance keep it up for a healthy routine. You can use treadmill, or any exercising machine that work on your muscles.

Doing pushups not only burn your fats but also tighten and give perfect toned figure that many exercises don’t do they just burn your fats but leave your skin and muscles loose. The tone and firm your breast, shoulders, arms and thighs. So for tight and toned body do add pushups and cardio exercises in your routine.

If you work as in these videos you will exercise for 20 min daily you can start from doing these 3 times a week and then increase repetitions or Days for doing these if you are more determine you can increase both the days and repetitions for these to achieve your goal as soon as possible.

By following these exercise routine and fitness routine i hope you can feel a great change in yourself. Just remember dedication and determination are the two things that can give you what ever you want in life. Love Yourself to make yourself loveable.

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With good looking skin and hairs you also need a beautiful body that is not so bulky and also not so skinny, a perfect figure.Many are blessed with a beautiful body and great metabolism but all are not so lucky like me 😦 .Many have to look after what they eat or drink to have a check on their weight, even they have to exercise regularly to maintain their fitness. Many are over weight and need to work so hard to reduce even a single pound, have to eat salads and dietary food to decrease an extra inch. Few have patience and stamina to do so for getting in shape but mostly don’t have patience to workout daily and to eat dietary food 2-3 month or even more to get in shape,Neither i have.

I tried all this a lot to get back in shape but failed then i research a lot for an easy way to reduce fats.After a lot of research i get to know many  tips and tricks to reduce weight and it also help me to reduce and i get back in better shape and i am still going on with this routine. This will work against your fats and will improve your skin n hairs.

  • First of all take a pic of your favorite celebrity whose figure also inspires you place that pic next to your mirror so that you can see it when ever you see yourself in mirror and compare yourself with her.Also make that pic wallpaper of your cell phone and your laptop.This effect psychologically.
  • Start your day with drinking warm water as soon as you wake up. start from one cup of water and then move to 4-5 cups daily in morning. For a change in taste you can sometimes add lemon juice or apple cider vinegar in this as i do. This wash away all you impurities and fats in your body.
  • If you can control your hunger all day long then you have your breakfast say a brown bread slice with nut butter best is peanut butter it reduce your appetite. Or a bowl of cornflakes, a boiled egg. BUT if you can’t control your hunger like me 😦 than skip your breakfast just take fresh juice, milk or tea or coffee in morning without sugar.
  • If you can stop yourself from eating a lot than you can work on small portion 4-5 meals daily strategy. But if you cant stop your hands from putting in your mouth like me then please don’t try this.
  • Increase you liquid intake instead of solid meals. I take 3-4 cups of tea or coffee or fresh juice daily.
  • If you love eating than just take one meal daily at 4-5pm as i do, and eat whatever you like to pizza, pasta, sandwich, burger. But if you want to get good results than take dietary meal.
  • Before every meal don’t forgot to drink 500ml of water that means 2 glass of water before any thing you are going to eat. This will fill your stomach with water and you will eat less than your hunger. best way to eat less 🙂 i take 3 glass of water before my meal.
  • Don’t ever drink water after you meal never it just stuck you meal in your stomach.
  • Increase intake of calcium as a research says calcium double your fat burning ratio. After knowing this i start taking a glass of milk daily before going to bed without sugar. And take one bowl of yogurt daily at 8pm for a change i do add peas and carrots in it or some times apples and bananas. please no sugar added.
  •  Take 8 empty bottles of 500ml capacity fill them all with water and place on your working place or your bed side table and give yourself a challenge to drink them all in 24 hrs.
  • Apple cider vinegar and lemon juice are best assistant in reducing weight job. I take 1 tbsp of apple cider vinegar daily in morning and add lemon juice in my water i drink in morning.
  • Every time you remind of reducing weight whether you doing sitting, walking, standing,  just stop breathing and pull your stomach inside as much as you can retain till you can survive then just release your breath but try to breath with you stomach pulled inside. You will feel stretch on your abdominal muscles.
  • If you are interested in dancing, singing, modelling or enjoy music then while walking walk by inter-crossing your legs as much as you can. Do dance moves if you love dancing. As i do i walk all around as i am dancing all the time.
  • I love dancing so i do dancing cardio exercise whenever i am listening music. Cardio exercises once a week improve your metabolism. (will add videos of exercises i do later on) I hate doing exercise regularly so just do these dancing moves when ever listening music thats all.
  • Most important is every time remain clicking your mind that you have to look like Angelina Jolie or who ever you like. Your mind plays an important role as it control all functions of your body.
  • Plain chocolate also help in reducing weight you can take pure chocolate and can eat it with bread or with fruits. remember only pure chocolate means no sugar nothing added in it.
  • Once a month or twice a month give yourself a treat as i do two Sundays of a month i take two meals daily and enjoy eating what ever i want but never forgot to drink before my meals 😛
  • Always drink tap water or warm water never go for chilled water it build strong fats.
  • Take your measurements and write them on a paper draw a table of your measurements as

Date.  Bust.  Under bust.  Abdomen.  Waist.  hips.  Thigh.  Bicep.  Ankle.  Wrist.

1/1      38           36           36           34          32        42     17          19         15

14/1    37          34           35           32          31         42     15.5      18         13

  • Take your measurements once after two weeks.And do encourage a minimal change in yourself as you start noticing change you will start feeling good and will work more hard to get in proper shape.
  • Always get your clothes in fitting as you reduce so that you can notice any change in your body. If you leave your clothes loose as you reduce you will not ever notice that your gaining or reducing you will not feel good and will stop working for your good body.
  • Never weigh yourself as weight show a difference after so much struggle and when one saw no change she gives up on working. I never weigh myself just measure and notice the change.

I am the one who is a food lover cant diet or stop myself from eating and do hate exercising so i once though that i cant reduce my weight ever in my life than after doing a lot of research after wasting many years of my life i get to know these tips and now i am happy with the changes and enjoy these tips. These are not at all boring or like hell. Just working on these simple tips and tricks i reduce my measurements from

38-32-42 to 36-28-38

just in 3 months. I enjoy doing all this and enjoy this great change in myself. I gain more confidence and look more pretty more attractive and now i start loving and admiring myself. Just give all this a try for a month and notice the change you will start feeling good. And one think do measure yourself without any clothes to get perfect measurements, So take your first measurements right now and start following these steps and do measure again after 2 weeks is there any slight change in you? If yes or no please do let me know so i can help you more in this regard. Will update dietary recipes, exercising videos and many more later if you all find this beneficial.

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Daily routine.

In order to keep yourself fresh n good looking you need to give some time daily to yourself, say daily care routine. It doesn’t require much time only half an hour for yourself daily n that will give you a tremendous change in yourself. This daily care will include all your body from hands, feet, face, hair it means whole your body will feel a change just after half an hour daily routine.


  • For your daily skin care just use two things on alternative days
  • On one day just apply simple yogurt on your face and then let it dry
  • When it dry wash your face with lukewarm water.
  • On second day apply a mixture of turmeric powder, olive oil and lemon juice.
  • Mix all three to make a paste.
  • Use lemon juice less if your skin if dry and more if your skin is oily.
  • Use olive oil less if your skin is oily and more if your skin is dry.
  • Let it dry after that massage your face with the dry mask on your face.
  • It will remove all your black heads, dead skin, white heads and all impurities.
  • It will also cure your patchy skin, black spots, acne, scars, or any other skin problem.
  • After massaging wash your face with lukewarm water.
  • Thats it only these two things applying on your face on alternative days all over the year in every season will give your skin a clean n clear appearance.


  • For hair care you need only three things to be used every time you gonna shampoo your hairs.
  • Use them on alternative days,15 min before shampoo.
  • One day use mixture of yogurt and olive oil and apply it on your hairs.
  • Focus more on tips and roots means scalp.
  • After applying tie up your hairs and let it work for 15 min.
  • After that wash your hairs, shampoo, apply conditioner if u want to and you can see silky shiny hairs just after one use.
  • On other day apply mixture of henna and water.
  • Put it in refrigerator for 5-10 min before applying.( just in summers)
  • If you want red shade in your hair use only henna and water, but if you want sexy brown color then also add coffee in it as much coffee you add more dark brown color it gives your hairs.
  • Apply it all over your hairs for even color.
  • Tie up your hairs and wear hair cap.
  • After 15-20 min wash your hairs, shampoo and apply conditioner.
  • One third day use simple oil, any of the oil that suits your scalp.
  • Many get dandruff by using coconut oil, many get itchy scalp by olive oil, and many other problems.
  • So use one day simple oil and apply it all over your hairs for 15-20 min
  • Then wash, shampoo and apply conditioner.
  • You can use these three things through out the year but use henna mixture only twice a month.
  • Just by using these three things you will get guarantee shiny, silky sexy colored hairs


  • For your hand and feet care just use one thing once in a week.
  • Take lukewarm water add lemon juice and olive oil in it.
  • Dip your hands and feet in this water and rest for 10-15 min
  • After that use foot scrubber to remove Dead skin from your feet.
  • Trim your nails.
  • Apply good moisturizing cream or lotion.
  • Apply any nail color and there you go with beautiful, soft, moisturized hands and feet


  • For soft lips you have to apply yogurt on your lips also when applying on your face.
  • After taking bath always use a soft tooth brush to rub off excess dead skin on your lips.
  • Daily before going to bed apply lip balm on your lips.
  • Thats all for lip care your lips will always stay soft, moisturized and definitely kissable.


  • Body include your entire body from your head to toe.
  • For whole body looking soft, shiny and flawless you just need to give yourself relaxing time say half an hour once a week or once in two weeks.
  • If you have bath tub available then fill it with lukewarm water add few drops of rose water, olive oil, lemon juice n milk.
  • Say combine these 4 in same quantity and fill a cup and pour it in your bath tub.
  • And then just lay down in bath water filled bath tub relaxing for 15-20 min.
  • After that use scrubber to scrub your body to remove dead skin and other impurities.
  • Now you can use any quality body wash or soap to remove dust n give a glow to your skin.
  • After bath before dressing up apply a great moisturizing lotion all over your body. I recommend body oil as i do use it to make my skin moisturize and glowing.
  • You are done with your body care also.


  • Always keep your whole body moisturized. A moisturized skin never get scars, black spots, patches, marks these all are due to dryness.
  • Use a moisturizer with sunscreen in it as it give double advantage.
  • You can use baby oil instead of lotion.
  • Excess use of moisturizer is also bad for your skin as it cause pimples, so apply good quality moisturizer once or twice a day.
  • Olive oil, yogurt are best moisturizers.
  • Lemon juice, lime juice are best to remove excess oil from your skin.
  • Natural products are always better than chemicals.
  • To save time apply mask to your hair which ever you want along with face mask at the same time and then put your hands and feet in water and relax.
  • After doing all this go take hot bath and then you will fell the difference.
  • Hot bath not only moisturize and clean your skin but also relax your muscles you fell as you have rested for hundred of years.
  • After a month or two you can reduce daily application say you can apply one tip once in a week or once in two weeks.
  • Please don’t give the gab more than two weeks.

Just give all this a try and then let me know if it make a difference or not. If it does i will let you all know many other useful tips also. If you have any problems or queries or suggestions please let me know, they do matter a lot to me as i am writing for you all.

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Love and care are the two things which you give to whatever always respond good and make you feel like you have conquered the world.Same love and care when you give to your self you gain a well groomed personality and inner happiness.I can say

To love someone first learn to love your self.

Start loving yourself,  gain confidence n feel attractive n loved one.Follow the steps n feel the difference in yourself.

  • First, have a look on your self and figure out the most beautiful feature in you that u feel is the main attraction point. it may be your eyes, lips, hairs, hands, body, feet.
  • After figuring your attraction point now try to enhance that feature to look more pretty n attractive.

For hands:

Get yourself a manicure, grow your nails, trim them,have a nice nail paint that suits your body color, get your self nice rings or bracelets.

For eyes:

To enhance your eyes you can get an attractive color lens, use eyeliner to enhance your eyes, wear eye color that suits your complexion and give your eyes more attractive look, apply mascara to double the beauty of your eye, trim you eyebrows.

For lips:

If you have plumy lips in a good define shape then you are the lucky one,  just give love n care to your lips. Do apply lip balm daily to keep your lips moisturized n to get pink color do tap your lips with your fingers daily after bed time that increase the blood circulation n keep your lips in great pink color, use lip pencil to outline your lips in proper shape to enhance them and then apply gloss to make them extra attractive.

For feet:

For beautiful feet get your self regular pedicure, grow your nail till a decent length, trim them, apply great nail paint that suits your body color, get your self nice pair of shoes, nice feet rings, anklets to make your feet look more beautiful.

For body:

If you are blessed with a great n attractive body then get your self dress in the manner that your body looks more sexy.Get to know about your body shape n then get your self the dresses that suits n enhance your body shape.

  • After working on your strong features get to know about your weak points that can be your small eyes, your thin lips, your bulky body, your dull complexion, damaged skin, dry n damaged hairs, your bad dressing sense, your ugly looking hand n feet, your big nose, your double chin or any thing else.
  • Start from your less weakest point that you can cover up soon and add a plus point to gain more confidence.
  • There are many things that you can do to make your weak parts the strongest by exercising or by make up or daily care routine.

As you can contour your double chin, small eyes n big nose by make up n can also get rid of them by exercising.

Dressing up nicely can cover up your bulky body n also you can get attractive body by dieting n exercising.

With daily care you can get improve your complexion, hairs, skin, hands, feet.

  • Now after working on yourself n giving love to your body you will feel a certain rise in your level of confidence n will feel like you are ready to love others or to be loved by others.

Hope you enjoy your confidence n a change in your self. Take care n give love to yourself.

Will soon update you all with other tips n tricks.

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